Alejo Artworks
Wind MillAutumnJourneyMy Dreams Bed Time StoryRed DoorHome Sweet HomeThe Secret GardenFairyTownHeart HouseThere is a Monster in my ClosetRoad TripThe holiday VisitorWarfareSomewhere in WonderlandSerenityFisherman CottageBest Friends ForeverDream TravelersIt feels like a Sunday morningPicnicEnd of a Beautiful DayFlying AwayFlayin over the RiverLeaving Home

Race for TeddyGuiding lightDream travelers Collection Eggnog Pub 2nd Picture of 3
Flower shop ( 3rd Picture of 3)Wizard's HouseLight & Dark ( Collection painting 1)Light and Dark 2POLKA DOTSFantasy house in the woodsGoblin's HouseFisherman TownRed forest houseFallChristmas Somewhere in NY Mother TreeTwilightSteampunk LocomotiveUntitledThe monster and the boyThe machineAlbert Tuggie and AlbertBubbles the little SubShark AquariumMaternal InstinctsThe Tiger & the Monkey